Croontec is an independent marketing and consulting firm founded in 2006 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium with the prime objective;

  • Sales and distribution of goods for the building industry.
  • Processing of digital data.
  • Promoting and marketing of new products.



  • Sales Plan and preparation
  • In team work with existing staff.
  • Sales execution and reporting its results and explain.
  • The administration of the sales care.
  • With an existing client base the marketability of a new product check (prospect).
  • Explore new markets and open (prospecting).
  • Design and implement a promotional campaign.



Many companies get from their suppliers or producers article, or other data. Compiling and maintaining this often gives these problems. data is unstructured and available in various formats (Excel, PDF, website ...) structure, description, completeness vary by vendor updates are time consuming manual process and the process is open to errors. We therefore offer the following services;


  • Management of the article data and graphic files: less manual work is saving time.
  • Conversion of files to instantly import formats.
  • Processing of images. PDF. PSD. AI etc. ....
  • Catalog preparation and processing. IND. QXP etc. ..
  • CSV -. XLS -. MDB integrations.
  • Customized services at the right price.



Your message channels through our promotion are a compelling and seductive advertising, and will increase your sales. We will gladly assist with our extensive knowledge and experience to a successful promotion plan to.


  • Visuality and renown.
  • Clear planning.
  • Stimulation sales.

You can always contact us for a free quotation or further information true or contact page.


Michel Van Croonenburg.